This morning, Room 231 had their very first “official” skype connection with another class of Year 7’s (Grade 6) and their teacher Lois Smethurst in Warragul, Melbourne, Australia.

Skype Call with Melbourne, Victoria

We took turns to introduce ourselves and talk a little about ourselves, our school life and life in our country. Then we used some time to discuss our Life Round Here 2010 digital stories and they ways that we were completing this project!

We had to restart our computer when we first tried to connect with Warragul because we couldn’t get any sound.  That happens a lot with skype sometimes.  This time it turned out to be something at our end and not skype at all!

We have this little audio black box in our classroom that sits on the floor down by our SMARTboard.  It has 4 channels and we’ve realised that when the cleaners listen to music after school – they turn the black box off!

It helps to keep your cool, be patient and persevere when things like that happen!  We were communicating in no time!  We thought the Australian accent was hard to understand sometimes and we kept having to ask them to repeat themselves.  (Ms H did a bit a “translating” for us too).

Around the World with 80 Schools Skype Connection #11