On March 19th, 2009 at 10:52am Room202 skyped with Spring Gully Primary School in Bendigo, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This part of Australia is four hours ahead of us, so it was 2:52pm for them.

We had technical difficulties in the beginning, and we had to call three times before we could hear Spring Gully Primary School. They were lucky because they heard us from the start.

australia calling1

We learned Spring Gully Primary School has 390 students in 16 classes and is 100 years old. The class that we were skyping had 24 students, with 23 being Ozzies, and 1 Indonesian girl. Their uniforms were green and yellow.  We learned that green and yellow are Australia’s national colors.

Their class also told us about Veggie-Mite, which is an Australian spread that you can eat on toast or in a sandwich.

At Spring Gully Primary School the students can take Indonesian (because they said it was their closest neighbor) or German in Elementary School. In Middle and High school, they said you could take other languages, such as Maori.  When curious members of Room202 asked why they taught certain languages, we learned that only those language teachers were available.

Skype Connection with Melbourne Australia

Room202 enjoyed skyping with Spring Gully Primary School on their first skype call for the
Around the World With 80 Schools
skype project and our 10th connection.

Room202 is looking forward to skyping with many more schools in the coming weeks.

You can listen to the recording of our conversation here.