Connection #9 in the AroundTheWorldwith80schools project using skype was with Grade 5 students on March, 18th 2009. We skyped with Tokyo International School at 10:00am here in Bangkok, and in Tokyo it is two hours ahead so it was 12:00pm there. Skype Connection with Tokyo, Japan

We were surprised how many nationalities there were in their class.  6 Japanese, 1 Brazilian, 6 American, 1 New Zealander, 1 Turkish, 2 French, 2 Dutch, 2 British, 1 Indian, and the teacher is Canadian.

Using Google Earth we found out that we are 4,589.66 Kilometers (2,851.88 Miles) away from Tokyo International School. It was our 9th skype connection and the most special for two reasons.

1. The creator of Aroundtheworldwith80schools skype project Mrs.Tolisano was with us when we connected with this class.Skype Connection with Tokyo, Japan

2. The teacher, Mr. Mike Jesse will be moving to Thailand and
will be teaching Grade 3 next year at our school.

Here is a link to Mr. Jesse’s Class Blog:

Ms H recorded the skype conversation using AudioHijackPro. 
You can listen to the conversation here if you would like to.