Tonight 9 students from Room 202 came back to school (yes, that’s right – came back to school) at 6.45pm to get ready to make connection #8 in our Aroundtheworldwith80schools skype project.

At 7pm, March 4, 2009 Bangkok, Thailand connected 14 530.08 kilometres away with Benton City, Benton, Tennessee USA, their time 7am, March 4, 2009.

Skype with Benton Elementary School

Their accents were strong, and they said they were a little nervous, but the students at Benton Elementary School did a fabulous job of their very first ever skype call. They told us the temperature in Benton was 29°F (or in temps that Ms H understands 5ºC – brrrrr that’s cold) while we swelter in temperatures of 93ºF  (34°C)!!  Their school has 33 teachers and about 570(?) students – we will need to listen to the recording to check those figures.   Out of 46 students, 1 is Spanish and the rest are American.

As usually the “hot-seat” technique worked a charm – one person speaks at a time up at the webcam/microphone.  You can see that we use a chart (we brainstormed as a class what we wanted to say in our 5 minutes) to help us keep on track and to help us if we forget what to say.Skype with Benton Elementary School

We had some parents with us tonight – which was great.  One of the things that they noticed was that perhaps we needed to explain that even though we’re in Bangkok, Thailand, we are a melting pot of nationalities.  Our nationalities include American, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Mongolian, Taiwanese, Hebrew and Kiwi!! (That’s New Zealanders).

Ms H recorded the conversation using Audio Hijack Pro. You can listen to our whole call conversation if you would like too.

Room 202 students who came back to school tonight …… please add anything that Ms H has left out and any comment that you would like to make about the connection with Benton Elementary School.