Our last skype connection for the week was with 6th Graders from Berwick Lodge Primary School in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Australia is 3 hours ahead of us so it was 9.15am our time, 12.15pm their time on Friday 27 February 2009.

Skype with Victoria, Australia

We thought that the Australian accent was really strong and we were surprised to discover that they had a few different nationalities in their classroom too.

Using GoogleEarth we found that their school is
7 399.65 kilometres from our school.  That’s the second closest connection we have made so far in our AroundtheWorldwith80schools skype project.

Sports played at Berwick Lodge Primary School are much different to the sports we play at ISB.  They are called Year 6’s (but are they same age as our Grade 5’s.

Our school years are different.  We start in August and go through to June.  Australian schools start in January and go til December.

Ms H still hasn’t gotten used to pressing record when using Audio Hijack Pro (she remembers to press hijack but not record!!) so we’ve got half a recording of our call AGAIN.  You can listen to it below if you would like to.

Room 202 students, please add your thoughts and comments below and anything else that you learnt from skyping with Berwick Lodge Primary School.  Thanks, Ms H.