Continuing our day with connections around the world, we went onto connect with my good friend Mr Brian Crosby and some of his 6th Graders from Agnes Risley School. It was 6.15pm their time Wednesday 25th February (they were at a showcase event for technology and showing off skype to people) 9.15am our time, Thursday, 26th February. (“I’m still from your future Mr Crosby” says Ms H!) Skype Nevada

Using GoogleEarth we found out that Anges Risley School is 12 757.26 kilometres away from Bangkok, Thailand. We’ve added a placemark to our KMZ file that Ms H is creating.  When we’ve finished connecting all the way around the world, we will embed the KMZ file on our classblog and you can fly around the world with us on our skype tour.  (Keep checking back to see when this gets posted!!)

We thought the little laptops that the 6th graders had were cool.  We asked our nationalities data question and have added the results to our the rest of the data we have collected so far.  We also discovered that they blog just like we do.  Here’s their classroom blog (and you can find student blogs on the sidebar).

Ms H only recorded half the conversation …… again …… using Audio Hijack Pro (she really needs to get her act together on that one!!)   You can listen to the part of the conversation she did record, below if you would like to.