Thursday 26 February was a busy connection day for us.  At 7.45am in Bangkok, Thailand and 7.45pm Wednesday 25 February in Newton, MA, we logged into a virtual classroom to chat with #5 in our quest to connect aroundtheworldwith80schools.  Although it wasn’t a skype call, we connected with each other and shared information about our day!

Using DiscoverE we were able to make a connection with 6th graders from Jackson School, Newton, Massachusetts, USA. From their own homes, 3 students – Gabriella, Alfred and Kadi and their teacher Mrs. Leo showed us and talked to us about a presentation that they had prepared for us that was all about “The day in the Life of a 6th Grader”. Discovere with Jackson School

We also prepared a similar presentation entitled “A day in the Life of a 5th Grader” to share back. Using DiscoverE was cool because you could have video from each student as they took turns to speak. When you use skype for conferencing from home you can only have audio (like we had for Anderson Elementary School when Ms H bought us all into a conference call from our homes one night.)

DiscoverE has an interactive whiteboard in it to share presentations, it has a laser to show what you are talking about on the screen and it has a little button to press when you want to have a turn at speaking. It’s a bit more controlled than skype – but a lot of fun still.

Using googleearth we found that Jackson School was
13 721 kilometres away from our classroom in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ms H forgot to press record on Audio Hijack Pro – but Mrs. Leo has a recording of the video and audio of our whole DiscoverE experience here.

Discovere with Jackson School