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    Looking for someone to skype with between August 26th and August 27th. Want my Web Design kids to share what they are going to be learning this year (or think they will be learning!) with another class in ICT. Anyone want to skype?

    • Leslie

      I know I am late responding to your request, but I would love to Skype with your class. I teach high school technology classes; we focus a lot on Google applications, Web 2.0 tools, and career prep, web design (through Weebly) doesn’t involve any HTML or CSS. Anyway, we would love to meet with you!


    • I would love to skype with your class. We just finished up 2 with some web designers so we are trying to get those blogs done and start on some HTML and stuff. I would love for the kids to do something where they learn from each other about something. Any ideas?

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