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    There is a teacher in my building who is looking to partner with another class.

    Math (Special Education) Grade 7: the partner school does Not have to be Special Education, could even be grades 6-8.
    The class meets:

    Period 3- 10:10 – 11:01
    Period 6: 12:45 -1:33
    Period 7 – 1:36 – 2:25
    Study Skills times slot can be used if necessary 2:25 -3:05 Mondays and Wednesdays

    “Although it would be nice to contact them directly, over Skype in Real time, it might just be nice to email letters and problems back and forth and have the students respond when convenient.”—AnneMarie Guizdak (teacher) is our district website. Smith School is the middle school.

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