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    I am new to this site and teleconferencing. I would really like to have the first teleconference with another classroom before the end of Februaury. I will be teaching Romeo and Juliet to 9th grade advanced and college prep. We are in a small town in Georgia between Athens and Atlanta. What does anyone think?

    • Hello,
      I am new to this as well and I teach freshmen and juniors in NJ but I would love some practice so if you’d like to skype let me know!

      • I think that would be great! I guess we should come up with a plan. I am currently off work for a week ( Intercession), but maybe we could just skype each other in the meantime. I h ave never skyped before. What subjects do you teach? Maybe, we could come up with a combined lesson plan. I defintely would like to collaborate. When would be a good time for you?

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