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    • Great! I watched my daughter skype once but I feel I am definitely a novice. I teach world history to freshmen from 8:45 to 9:26 and United States History at 8, 10:30, noon and 12:45 (50 minute classes roughly). In world history we are about to learn about “the Age of Revolutions” and in US history we have been learning about the Cold War and are moving into the Civil Rights Movement.
      My skype handle is mrsmurray3. Do you use Google docs or mindmeister? Perhaps we could collaborate on those? I don’t know how to make wikis yet but may learn in a month. (I’m taking a tech class)
      My cell is 609-618-1175 and not sure if my email shows up but its
      Colleen Murray

      • Great! I think that my 3rd block ( we are on the third block schdeule) would be the best to collab. with in the beginning. We have class from 11:45-1:06. It is a 9th grade english class, and we will soon be focusing on a Shakespeare unit and Romeo and Juliet. However, with writing and speaking standards, I could tailor it to many things. My main goal is to get this videoconferencing thing started in the classroom. Would you like to do a test skype conference between us first? We could talk about what to teach, how to teach it, and when to involve the class. After our initial session, we could have a second test when I’m back at the school next week, to test the smartboard and class setting. Then, we could run a miniunit or extended lesson. What do you think? Want to run a test skype session this week?

        Jarod Mansour

      • not sure if my reply got to you but this sounds great. I have to tell you this time period is my basic class. I just hope it goes smoothly. I think they’ll appreciate it, they just tend not to be as strong academically as the other classes.I have my skype up and running so let me know when you’d like to try it out. I don’t have a smartboard, but I do have a dlp. I would love to keep it simple for my first run. The writing and speaking standards sounds like a smart place to start. I would love to have my students ask questions about geography and cultural differences. They could also do a comparison of our governments. So where in Canada are you?
        All the best,


        • I did not get your first e-mail, but as you know, I just test called you. I will only be here until about 1. You can try to call then or we can try tonight around 8:30 when myself and family gets home. Yes, I am in Georgia, between Atlanta and Athens. Any interaction will be great at first, then we can refine the lessons later and reflect on what works best. I’m not sure what a dip is? This is exciting though; I can’t wait to have our classes interact.

          Jarod Mansour
          English Department
          Basketball Coach
          Rm. 137

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