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    We would like to do the following;
    Comparing and sorting the differences of physical appearance between ourselves and our linked partners
    Sharing the statistics of class favourite taste, smell, and music with the schools of our partner countries
    Learning rhymes and songs on body parts and exchanging the audio with the partner school

    • My grade 1s would love that opportunity to connect with your class. Let me know if you are interested in connecting with a school in Alberta, Canada.

      • We would be very happy to do it at once. But i hope the time difference between india and alberta is too high. Could we do anything?. What time do u come to school?. We come to school at 9.00 am and leave by 4.00 pm. May be we could think staying longer once to do skype with u.

        • The times might now work as you are 13.5 hrs ahead of us!! However, we could set up either a blog or email. We can send questions, pictures, video, comments that way? What do you think?

          • Thats great. As a first step we will first send some of our class statistics and if u could do the same we will be happy. May we could even exchange some you tube intros of students. What do u think?

            • That sounds good. Do you have some questions that your class will be answering already? I am just wondering which statistics you would like to know. We would love to make a video for your class introducing ourselves. I’ll start working toward that!

              • Hai,
                Sorry for the delay. Our school did a project on wonders of the world and everyone was busy at it. Now iam uploading the video of our class 1 project. I thought video would be like a offline skype call. (As we have big time difference). May be u could ask ur kids to do the same or send us some pics of ur kids and their answers by e-mail. I have included this in my award project. The deadline for submission is the end of this month. So the data from u will certainly help in completion of the project successfully. The video link is

                Also view this video

                Hope u like them

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