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    Writing from Encinitas, California in San Diego. We are beginning our weather unit and are interested in connecting with other first grade classroom in various parts of the world to discuss weather, seasons, and other cultures.

    • Hi Ashley. I teach in Chicago where the ground is currently covered in snow! Please let me know if we could help your classroom learn more about winter weather in the midwest!

    • I’m in Georgia and we have had the craziest winter ever!! snowed on Christmas 1st time in 100 years! We currently missed 5 days of school b/c of ice and snow. Would love to connect with you.

    • I am studying weather too right now! I teach in Crossfield, Alberta, Canada. I would love to connect. We are currently in another cold and snowy period! We could send pics and videos and share stories.

    • Perhaps I have been doing this incorrectly. I have been reply to emails I receive in my inbox and it just occurred to me that perhaps you are not getting them. Oops. I would love to connect with any and all of you. I have 4 first grade classrooms that would love to be part of this. Hi,

      How exciting! Sounds perfect. Would you be able to connect this Friday? This will be our first time connecting so any pointers will be greatly helpful. We too can have some photos, glogsters on weather and perhaps other things to share. We are free on Friday at 9 and can be available other times easily. Let me know what works for you.


      • Hi Ashley! I just saw what you posted and just wanted to reach out to see if maybe you would like to connect. When I first joined, some of my messages got lot. Please let me know if you would like to connect with 80 wonderful students in NJ. THANK YOU!

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