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    Hi, I have a class of Grade 6 children. We are a school that is located in Tasmania, Australia and we are looking for some skype buddies.
    Cheers Andrew

    • I’d be interested I have a few American 8th graders in a summer program that would really enjoy that!!

    • I am also a sixth grade teacher who would love to Skype with your class this fall. My students don’t arrive until September 1st but let’s set something up. Last year I tried to have our Skype conference revolve around geography but I’m open to any new ideas. What is your Skype name and tell me about your school?

      • Hi Mary, very keen to talk on skype. My skype name is: mrlamb2009

        Our school is located in Northern Tasmania, Australia. We are a K-6 school.

    • I teach sixth grade world geography at a private school near Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I am trying to skype with as many different schools this year as possible. My students return to class on August 11, and we could skype any time after that. We would love to connect with you. Please let me know if you are interested. :)

      • Hi Karen, we are very interested in skype you. Not sure how our timezones will works, but lets seen what we can do.

        Cheers Andrew

    • Hi Andrew, I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade Spanish. We start school next Tuesday. We’d love to skype with you to talk about the languages your kids take in your school.

      • We are located in central Pennsylvania, United States in a rural area below New York.

      • Hi Amanda, we would love to talk with you.

        My skype name is mrlamb2009

        Not sure how we will go with time differences, they may effect our talk, but let us see what we can do.

        Cheers Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,
      I teach a grade 5/6 class from Ontario, Canada and would love to chat with your class. Our school starts this Tuesday, and we will be focusing on the theme of “Making Connections” and their first writing task will be a personal memoir (recount of a significant life event). It would be neat if our classes could meet on skype to share about different lifestyles. Let me know if you are interested. My work e-mail is

    • We are from Brindavan school, Trichy,India. At present we are invovled with a project called “Ourselves” which includes linking ourselves with pupils of different countries and
      1. comparing and sorting the differences of physical appearance between ourselves and our linked partners.
      2. Sharing the statitics of class favourite taste,smell and music.
      3. Learning rhymes and songs on body parts and exchanging our audio with our partner.
      4. Collecting pictures on objects which harm us.
      We would be delighted to know if you are interested in this project, if so please enlighten us about your availability regarding skyping. Our skype id is “brindavanstaff”.

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