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  1. We are looking to expand our Geography Collaboration Project from Sweden-U.S.-Canada- Brazil to many other countries. Please let me know if you are interested.

  2. Please let me know what ages are involved in this collaboration and if you are including 14 year olds in secondary school.

  3. We are a 1 class, from Sweden (7-8 years old). We are interested in starting up here now with are currently project: Nature. Because our english is limited we wish to get in touch with a similar class from Sweden,especially the northern parts of Sweden to compare our Nature.

  4. Hi

    I am a year 6 teacher in Adelaide, Australia. Would be interested in collaborating for Geography studies and connecting my class to students in other countries.



  5. United Nations Day is coming up.. And Colegio San Jorge from Mexico would like to collaborate with ANY school interested from around the world. It would be a great experience for your school and ours. .. This is our school facebook page

  6. I work at an International Academy in Providence RI and have 70 students from all over China. I would love to collaborate with any and all of you, so please email me and let me know your ideas. Thank you for your time.


  7. Hello – I am a 2nd grade NYC teacher hoping to introduce my students to other 2nd graders from around the world. We could Skype, write letters and share our learning experiences. Please email at if you are interested. Thank you!! Terry

  8. We are a secondary school in Spain that would like to contact other schools around the world in order to practise English. Our students are ages 12-15

  9. I a teacher from school in New Delhi,India .We are looking for schools for collaboration on the following topics
    grade 4 – Journey through the forest
    grade 5- Dances of the World
    grade 6-Dresses -depicting culture
    grade 7-Health in my tiffin
    grade 8- Cricket
    grade 9- Natural and Man-made disasters
    grade 10- National flag and national Anthem
    grade 11- Medical Tourism
    grade 12 – Emerging Economies of the World

  10. Thank you for the reply .For skying we have to check the time feasibility for both the schools. Students from both the schools can even exchange email .
    In our school students’ age ranges from 3+ to 17 yrs.You can give your plan of action that is how to go ahead .

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