From Georgia to New Jersey

It was a wondeful exepreicne to have my first skype videoconference session on Thursday with my class and Mrs. Colleen Murray’s  in NJ. We met here on the site and started collaborating via e-mail and videoconferencing. I was really excited as I introduced the idea to my class. Then, we tried to follow the model that is on the site of pre-skype, skyping, and post skyping. I had my students post questions to our group. The next day we made note cards, assigned roles and got ready for the session. The following day, we had a notetaker, elcetronic and pen, a camera person, and someone videorecording the session. The students from both sides loved it. My students reflected later on Edmodo how much they learned about students in NJ and generalized  about high school students everywhere. It was truly a fun experience. Next, Mrs. Murray and I will continue our collaborations and continue to seek others out. I know we are both excited for the next session next Friday. Please, join in by conatcting either one of us.

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