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We had a great English lesson with some very-very clever and nice and cute students from Lurgan, USA.
This time one side chose a world, the other class had to ask questiosn, and the class which picked up a word could answer only: yes, no, sometimes. Finally, we and they had to find out the word.
Thank you very much for the meeting!!
Here is the video of the meeting

Very nice students from Lurgan, USA read us a cute story about a little mouse. It’s a great help in our language learning, we are going to listen to the story next week in the lessons.
Next we were acting some words from the story and the kids from the other side found them out.
Thank you very-very much for the great meeting!

Here is the short video

We met againg some very nice students fro New York. We were playing acharacter barchoba. One side described a person or a character and the otehr side found it out.  The meeting was on 01. 03. 2011. Thank you very much for the kids and their teacher from New York.
Skype call

We met our new friends from Lurgan, USA. The small kids were introducing themselves first , next we were playing animal bingo together. It was great fun. The meeting was on 02.03.2011. Thank you very much for the 4st garders from Lurgan Elementary School.
Animal Bingo video

We had our next skype lesson on 11 January 2011.
New Jersey , Booton, first grade students we teaching us English. They were soooo cute and nice!

First we introduced ourselves. We told our names and ages.

Next we were playing “Simon says” Many-many thanks for Jdonnelon, it was her great idea.She helped us a lot!!!

We had to say “Simon says to touch your nose….” etc. Kids were playing together. It was fantastic! My small kids, who are 7 years old, and just learning to speak English, enjoyed it very much.

After we sang a song a played a Hungarian round game, and they were dancing a cute dance

Thank you very much for them

Christmas meeting

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Our next skype call was on 10th December . We met again students from Flushing, New York. We were singing traditional Hungarian Christmas songs, and  they were singing Christmas songs, too. We were playing musical instruments  . Next we were talking about differences : we have Santa Claus on 6th of Deecember, but Little Jesus comes on 24Th December, here, in Hngary. They were talking about Chritsmas in New York.

Finally we were singing Jingle Bells together. It was great!

Next week we are going to listen their words  again in our English lessons.

Thank you very much for our friends in New york.

Meeting again

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Our second meeting was on 29th October this school year. We were playing with some very nice and cute kids from New York, Saint Mel School , Flushing. We were playing activity. Our kids acted a word, and the others had to find it out. Next they learnd some words in Hungarian. It was a great fun, I think we all enjoyed it very much!

Skype Call (shorter version)

Skype call (longer version)

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Our first skype call this year was on 24th September .
We were talking to students from New York.
Thank you very much !!! It was excellent!
My kids could learn a lot from it. We recorded, and watched it several times in the lessons to practise the living language.
These skypecall gives my kids a great motivation .

I am Gyöngyi from Hungary. I teach little kids age 7-14. They learn English as the second language.  This school year  (2009-2010)we had two skype calls with kids from Lewisberry and Wellford. Many many thank for them, because my kids enjoyed these meetings very much. Their teachers helped me a lot, so despite of the language difficulties these calls were great!!!! So, from September I would like to make more skype calls to motivate my student to learn English.

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