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We have over 50 Blogs under the Around The World with 80 Schools umbrella. Some more active than others. They are a great way to read and explore HOW others are using Skype to connect their students and opening up the classroom walls.

Take a look at:

  • Dondi’s blog from Hungary
    They acted out words and their partner class had to guess them. They also taught them a few words in Hungarian
  • Chrissy H. from Thailand shares many Skype connections on her All Things Skype blog.
    Find pictures and descriptions of her calls to South Korea, Australia and the USA. She also has a How-To-Guide about placing a Clustr Visitors Map on your blog
  • Rich Platt’s blog, Local to Gobal Connections, starts out with an intriguing question to reflect upon: What makes you global?
  • Heidi Musteros’ blog, Goeprimaria from Argentina, which is written in English and Spanish,  is an incredible source of images and videos of her trinlingual (English, Spanish and German) Skype connections around the world. She does an incredible job of describing, summarizing and reflecting of the learning that is going on with her students.

Take a look at these blogs, start commenting on them as well to ask questions or give feedback to the owner. Collect ideas for your next Skype connections.

GET INSPIRED to create and start your own blog!

Just by being a member on the AWW80S site, you are entitled to a free blog.

Simply click on “My Blogs” in the task bar at the top of this window (you have to be logged in). Then click on “Create a Blog!”.

Then enter the name, which will become part of your blog’s URL address.

Once your blog is created, you will be able to customize it with a different theme, write pages and posts and start sharing your experiences. The AWW80S blogs are created on the WordPress platform. There are many tutorials available on the internet to help you get started. I have created the following pdf file as well, that will show you step by step instructions.

I can’t stress the importance of sharing enough! There are so many educators who have never heard of Skype or need extra inspiration and encouragement. Even if you are a newbie yourself, your perspective, successes and (yes even!) failures are important to share.

If you are interested in hearing more about the “Moral Imperative of Sharing” take a look at Dean Shareski’s K12 Online Conference 2010 video presentation.

Looking forward to see more blogs on Around The World with 80 Schools sharing the incredible work each and every one of you are doing!

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