Nov 022010

I was made aware of this opportunity via Twitter:

On Thursday November 11, 2010, the Harlan Institute will be virtually visiting classrooms across the country in the inaugural SCOTUS-Skype-Teach-A-Thon. As a complement to, the Harlan Institute has trained a group of Mentors to to deliver virtual lectures to classrooms using Skype video chats.

Our mentors consist of attorneys, law professors, and law students who are all committed to raising awareness of the Constitution and the Supreme Court. During the inaugural SCOTUS-Skype-Teach-A-Thon, mentors will engage your class and discuss the most fascinating cases before the Supreme Court this term, including Snyder v. PhelpsSchwarzenegger v. EMA, NASA v. Nelson, Connick v. Thompson, and Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting. […]

If you are interested is interested in participating, please sign up your class at and request a mentor for your class.

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